Let’s start with arrival. Great flight. Air Turkey we salute you! Survived the long drive from Beijing to Tianjin. Slept for three days jet lagged. Only company being Joy. You’re the best!
Survived an even longer drive (15hours FFS) including one everlasting traffic jam and a major car accident. Again, present company shared chips, chocolate and loo paper. Tes we must do it again one fine day. Night fall+Songyuan -who said the driver was lost? NOT ME, but was he? 15hours FFS. Nuff said!

1st apartment. WTF. WHY? SPEECHLESS. OMG. TEARS. I MEAN WHY?? Ok get over it. Shower is as dirty as outside. Outside is a dump. Shower in my slippers. Thank goodness it’s summer. Ok slippers in shower is weird. So, A little elbow grease, clean(ish). Ah sheit, the toilet’s broken. WTF. WHY? SPEECHLESS. OMG. MORE TEARS. Well that’s nothing. Wait till you start the new job.

ok, new job. No way! Are you kidding me? Is this for real!? Is someone having a laugh!? WTF. WHY? SPEECHLESS. OMG. I’m not laughing. I’m a teacher, get me outta here!!!! NOW!!! Met a great teacher but she left. Met a super TA but she left. Met a cool friend but he left. Met some mofo’s. Glad it’s past. Many thanks for the experience. Dude I need an upside! Here it is!

Yeah so let’s belly dance. Oh yeah! Stretch it out with yoga. What a great friend. I’m so blessed! Eat out eat in eat out eat in eat out eat in. Love my taxi drivers, so much convo. Timbudong (don’t understand) why your hands on my rear. …er did you just touch my are…smile, you’re in Songyuan! Pay the driver! Walk away! Stunned!

Confessions of the heart. So lonely. One good friend. Is all you need. But hell no companion. Need an injection. But So black! So foreign! Giving up! Never felt like this ANYWHERE before! No trust. The lies. The rumours. The fakes. The boss! OMG The boss!!! Did I mention the boss. WTF. WHY? SPEECHLESS. OMG. Let’s move on! Lata, aka I QUIT!!!!

First time for everything! Never look back! Trust your heart! Trust your experience! New friends. New hope! Smile again. New venture. Positive challenge. New year! Kindness is never weakness. 2015 is yours! Humble souls receives theirs. Happy new year! Get what you want! Can’t get it? Then make it! It’s yours. Have an adventure.