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Sun is on top of this world. Poor thing was prettified of taking the flight but it was so smooth and uneventful, he’s even said that he is feeling much better. The flight departed an hour late but I have to say I didn’t mind as it kind of ate into the 2hour wait in Istanbul. Apart from a little turbulence and being two of only three African-Caribbeans on two separately and totally packed Boeing 777-300’s, all was well! Funnily enough the majority weren’t even Chinese but still very diverse.

After a four hour flight to Istanbul then eight to China we journeyed another four by bus and taxi from Beijing to Tianjin. Trust me! I’m not the kind of girl to fall asleep just anywhere but the dribble escaping my lips agitated wakefulness and sadly not in time to spare landing on the boys head, who off course was flat out perched up again mine bosom. He knows nothing of this btw and yes! I will deny it.

I have to say that the apartment is cool and far exceeded my expectations. I had the option to be in one alone with Sun or share with the lady who met us at the airport. There are three rooms in a decent third floor apartment. Could do with a little clean but it’s got everything. On the first night after dropping our bags off and heading for dinner, the famous experience that I’ve been reading and hearing about just meandered into our lives. I’m a changed woman since I can’t really account for how it happened. Kind of thought that I would have been more prepared.

At the table in the restaurant we sat adjacent to a group of Chinese men having dinner. I say this as if there were anyone else but Chinese people having dinner. Just to be clear Sun and I represented the entire worlds remaining demographics. No Europeans, Africans, Latinos nor South East Asians. How cool is that! Everyone is Chinese. Omg I think I’m having a moment. And it’s great! For a second, minus the modern attire I could have been in a scene of The Drunken Master. Look, blame export culture but I love that movie…and now I’m in it! Ha!

Soooooo anyways…The guys were non offensively loud and boisterous and clearly having a good time! Then out of nowhere Sun was sitting at their table posing for photos!!!! No! You twit! It wasn’t magic and they weren’t disappearing Red Ninjas.

With cheeky Faces rich with curiosity and the essence of a thousand smiles, they began talking to us. After a few translated key lines via my Chinese companion Joy, which included ‘where are you from?-Jamaica living in England’ ‘Ahhh Bolt, Bolt fast man’ a fleeting thought ran across my mind of the great legend and ambassador Bob Marley being relegated to sidelines of history as this fancy footed giraffe boy waltzes his way into people’s lives. Wow! I can’t believe I just witnessed that! Sun wasn’t sure if he should go over to them when they beckoned but I must have somehow expressed approval. He sure rose to the occasion and before I knew it there was my boy doing the Bolt pose next to one of the men who by now were beyond enchanted as cameras snapped, clicked and buzzed. Very technically advanced cameras might I add.

Man there is so much to say about this place! It is vast. My eyes won’t widen enough to take it all in. I’m so loving my life right now. Even if jet lag has me awake at 2am (6pm GMT), and if my feet are unnaturally swollen and don’t fit my shoes or that my bowels are shocked into paralysis by 24hrs of travelling. I think of only one thing and that is a brief story I heard today about a flower that blooms in winter. It is compared to someone with a strong will to achieve. During the last six months I gave up several times but how do you give up on an opportunity of a lifetime when it is meant to be.