Aaarrggghhhhhh #chinareport #jamaicaninchina I’m sitting here looking through the window contemplating, as recorded in the earlier post, when there comes a knock at the door. The boy and I look at each other. #whocoulditbe but two boys. “Your baby” they say “boy” in delicate #ChineseEnglish. Immediately I begin clucking around offering, almost insisting food and drink to which they humbly declined. Poor things. I’m such a fool in my #excitement. I run to my boy in the bedroom close the door and #mimeloudly “your friends are here!”. A tort silence and a bounce of stares exchange between us and again I return to clucking, dragging clothes for him to wear, lotion, hair, run back to the boys, give them a puzzle to do -see I knew it was a good idea to pack the puzzle- then go back to mi boy smother him in excited kisses in celebration of his new friends in our livingroom! It’s been tough for him. #languagebarriers #unfamiliarity and an over protective mum…..who today pushed the boy out the door so fast, you’d think we were home. I’m so happy, only #pharrel could top this one. My boy has made #friends in this new land. It’s so important to him. OmHeart #wellingup dude! #Sobbinghappily